Of course, we also accept patches. If you want to submit a patch, the guidelines the following:

  1. Open an issue first, if there is none open for the particular issue for the topic already in the issue tracker. That way, other contributors and developers can comment on the issue and the patch.
  2. If you submit a pull request that fixes an existing issue, mention the issue somewhere in the pull request, so we can close the original issue as well.
  3. We are using a coding style very similar to GNU Coding Standards for syslog-ng. Please try to follow the existing conventions.
  4. Always add a Signed-off-by tag to the end of every commit message you submit.
  5. Always create a separate branch for the pull request, forked off from the appropriate syslog-ng branch.
  6. If your patch should be applied to multiple branches, submit against the latest one only, and mention which other branches are affected. There is no need to submit pull requests for each branch.
  7. If possible, write tests. We love tests.
  8. A well-documented pull request is much easier to review and merge.

Before submitting a separate module, please consider submitting it to the Incubator first, because it is easier to have your code accepted there. The Incubator is the repository of new and experimental modules.

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