Commits are the main source of traces in the history of a project. That is why commit messages should be informative and simple. There is no ultimate way of writing a good commit message, but we have collected some ideas that are worth being followed.


  • Name of the module you changed something in
  • Simple and informative description about the content
  • Some explanations about the solutions
  • References to documents and issues
  • Signed-off-by: Lorem Ipsum <[email protected]>


GitHub uses a reference system that helps the developers to create connections between issues, comments and commits. Another option of GitHub is informing someone about a commit by mentioning their names.

Referencing an issue in commit message

  foo: This patch corrects the memleak in queueing in module foo.
  See here: #42

Referencing an issue in comment

  This patch #42 should be ported to version 4.2 because it is affected too.
  See PR: #52

Mentioning someone

  @daniel look at this PR #66

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