One of the easiest ways to contribute to the development of syslog-ng is to participate in the discussions about features, bugs and design. Some of these discussions are started on the mailing list, some in the issue tracker. Bugs tagged help are generally good targets to contribute your feedback - but pretty much any open issue can be a good start.

We use as our story board, to prioritize issues and guide the development. Use this interface for browsing existing issues and pull requests.

If you find a bug or request a feature, create an issue for it. There is no ultimate form for an issue but consider some of these basic ideas:

Common bullet points

  • Short, informative sentences
  • References to documents, other issues
  • Picture (A picture is worth a thousand words)

Bullet points of an issue about...

  • Short description of the phenomenon: what does the user experience?
  • Configuration and architecture example to reproduce it
  • Longer description of the bug (references to the documentation, why you think it is a bug)
  • Possible explanations, ideas about the root cause
  • Short description of the request
  • Use-cases (why do you think it is worth implementing)
  • Ideas about how feature implementation, what should be taken to consideration

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