Fetching dependencies

Like every project, syslog-ng also uses other libraries and projects. That is why these dependencies must be fetched before compiling. In this section we list these libraries and version restrictions.

Dependency Version
glib >=2.10.1
flex >=2.0.0
openssl >=0.9.8
pkg-config ---
libtool ---
automake >=2.4
bison >=2.4
eventlog >=0.2.12
pcre >=6.1
ivykis >=0.36.1
json-c >=0.9
rabbitmq-c >=0.6.0
docbook-xsl ---

Development dependencies

In case of contribution the following dependencies are required in order to run make check, make style-check and make style-format.

Dependency Version
astyle ==3.1
criterion >=2.3.0
libxml2-utils >=2.9.4

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