written by Peter Czanik


The syslog-ng application has been available in openSUSE and SLES for many years. The included version usually lags behind a version or more. Up to date syslog-ng packages for recent openSUSE and SLES releases are available in the OBS repositories of Peter Czanik. Depending on the distribution release, syslog-ng, Rsyslog or systemd's journald (package systemd-logger) are installed as the default logging solution.

None of these packages are officially supported by Balabit, but we try to help resolving problems with our best effort.

Using the latest syslog-ng version

If you want to install the latest available syslog-ng version, add one of the OBS repositories of Peter Czanik first. For version 3.6 use the following command:

zypper ar syslog-ng36

This command line refers to the latest distribution of syslog-ng versions at the time of writing. You might need to change either one or both version numbers. You can skip this step, if you do not need the latest syslog-ng version.

Checking available subpackages

The syslog-ng package on openSUSE is organized into a core package called syslog-ng and sub packages with extra dependencies. You can search for a full list of packages using zypper:

linux-uv4b:~ # zypper se syslog-ng
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

S | Name            | Summary                          | Type   
  | syslog-ng       | The new-generation syslog-daemon | package
  | syslog-ng-devel | Development files for syslog-ng  | package
  | syslog-ng-geoip | GeoIP support                    | package
  | syslog-ng-json  | JSON output support              | package
  | syslog-ng-redis | Redis destination support        | package
  | syslog-ng-smtp  | SMTP output support              | package
  | syslog-ng-sql   | SQL support using DBI            | package


Choose the package(s) you need and install them:

zypper -v in syslog-ng syslog-ng-json

There will be a conflict, as by default logging to journald is enabled. The systemd-logger package can be safely deleted: choose number one.

 Solution 1: deinstallation of systemd-logger-210-25.16.1.x86_64

Starting syslog-ng

You can start syslog-ng many ways:

systemctl start syslog

is often called by openSUSE guys as:

rcsyslog start

Note: it is referred to as syslog in init scripts, because it is a wrapper among different syslog implementations.

Testing syslog-ng

linux-uv4b:~ # logger this is a test
linux-uv4b:~ # tail /var/log/messages 
May 15 17:21:51 linux-uv4b syslog-ng[1831]: syslog-ng starting up; version='3.5.6'
May 15 17:27:38 linux-uv4b root: this is a test

Note: for more information, read the run first guide.

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