Getting started with syslog-ng

Lightning guide to understand the basics of the project

The syslog-ng team has started this guide to widen the community of
contributors by providing a short and fair description to the project.
This document was written for users and developers. You can find sections
about installing syslog-ng, others are for introducing you to the tools
and techniques we use.

We hope that you will find our GitBook useful and will be ready
to create your own ideas.
Feel free to contribute and propose your chapter ideas.


available here: syslog-ng-gitbook

The syslog-ng project

Build Status
Build Status

available here: syslog-ng

Stories in Ready

We use to track the issues.


We are planning to use CI with the repository to avoid typos and compile errors.


You can find a Vagrantfile in the repository that you can use to install a development environment to test your modifications.

  • Install VirtualBox for we use it as a provider of the devenv. Naturally you can use other providers like Docker, VMware. Read more
  • Install Vagrant
  • Run the shell commands below in the root directory of the project
    vagrant box add ubuntu/trusty # downloading the proper image
    vagrant up                    # powering up your vm
    vagrant ssh                   # ssh into the vm
  • In the VM go to /home/vagrant/project and use the gitbook serve command to start compiling the book. You can reach the locally rendered GitBook on http://localhost:4000.


  • We use branches to isolate the modifications to different chapters. Please send the PR to the proper branch you made your modifications to.
  • Please test your modifications using the Vagrantfile provided. Later TravisCI will also run some tests on the repository to avoid problems.

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